Out on the Town

: of, relating to, or being a pedant(see pedant)

: narrowly, stodgily, and often ostentatiously learned

If Mabel Marlbury had kept her mouth shut, none of this would have happened.  As it were, she stood in the middle of the alley way lifting her her phone toward the soupy sky and cursed Heather.  It was supposed to be a girl's night.  As she avoided the puddle of indeterminable nature, she wished there were girls involved.  And vodka, lots and lots of vodka.

She'd thought the whole thing was a trifle pedantic when Heather had suggested it.

"Fine," Heather said.  "You're in for a surprise."

Fat pustules of rain popped all over Mabel's mini dress.  She groaned.  She had banished the phrase "It could be worse" from her brain, but apparently someone somewhere else had dared it into fruition.  Shielding herself as best she could with her clutch, she made her way to the slim awning of the nearby building and cursed the day she met Heather.

Like an answered prayer, her cell phone rang to life.

"Heather," Mabel said, relieved.

"Hey.  I've got the flu or something.  I'm staying in."

Mabel did not, could not respond.  She just hung up the phone and slipped off her stilettos.  She braved the rain, forgetting about Monday morning coffee stains and Thursday evening yoga poses.  She forgot about the puddles of broken glass and half smoked cigarettes.  The rain slid off her skin like an exquisite oil.  And Mabel just was. 

Mabel met my brain at some point in college, and she never quite left.  I'm happy to be reviving her once again, even for just a minute long downpour.  I've been the worst at writing, at reading, at blogging.  Gotta get back to my groove!


  1. It's too bad about her girl's night out. She can try again though (:

  2. What a let down. Nice of the friend to give some notice that she wasn't going out :)

  3. Oh, I liked the writing style of this! Poor Mabel deserves a great night out. I'm trying to slowly get back into my writing groove as well, sigh, but this is a great fill.

  4. Fat pustules of rain is a great phrase. Poor Mabel. She deserves a more caring friend.

  5. This, "Fat pustules of rain popped all over Mabel's mini dress." is a fabulous visual. I felt Mabel's frustration.

  6. I love the writing style! The line– forgetting about Monday morning coffee stains and Thursday evening yoga poses– tells us so much about the character in so few words.

  7. I think it can be worse... Mabel go home instead,

  8. Great imagery and the opening two lines hooked me. I like your writing style.

  9. where's mabel, I'm ready for a good time. Of course I got sensible shoes on. I might npt be cool enough. Great imagery.