100 Word Challenge writing prompt


The cracked mirror showed her a face she didn’t know.  Crooked smile, lazy eye, scars and pocks and split, split ends stared back at her; the pretty girl’s nightmare.  She thought about breaking it; instead she cradled her reflection, thinking of all the things that had brought her to this moment.  Seeing him from the corner of her eye, she stuffed it inside her Birkin.  She greeted him with an expensive smile, her broken face put away.

“I like your chin, is it new?” he says, kissing her on the cheek.

“Yes it is, how kind of you for noticing.”


  1. Am thinking she's had surgeries to make her pretty but she still sees who she once was. Very poignant and sad.

  2. “I like your chin, is it new?”

    I love that line.

    Sharp and sad. Nice 100.