Making Promises

Remember that one time I actually wrote things in my blog?  Besides stories I mean, when it was a collection of life experiences and ideas and crunchy, natural, baby things?

Yeah, me neither.

I have been so remiss about that.  I have half written recipes and how-to's.   I have pictures all ready and just need the posts.  I have countless ideas and thoughts about what I want to write about here, but can't seem to make them happen.

And that's disappointing.  I feel like I made promises to my readers about that, and have broken those promises by being a storyteller instead.  It's just so much easier for me to imagine something and jot it down in ten minutes than to figure out how many eggs I need, or to really lay out why I stopped using toothpaste.  Sometimes, the writing challenges I take part in are a cop out.

I'm not really okay with this.  My goal was to have one post a week that was life related, and I have failed miserably.  This weeks cup of tea is half empty, and growing cold.

It's about priorities.  When I'm at home the first thing is Anthony.  Is he happy?  Is he fed?  Have I counted his toes and learned a new way to make him smile?  Second is usually a toss up between house catch up and writing, and lately the former has been winning.  I know, I'm ashamed of myself too.  But with dog and babe darting around like drunk butterflies I have to make sure they aren't going to trip and fall and hurt themselves anymore than they do already.  Then comes reading.  Then comes blogging.

Blogging used to be number two, and sometimes three, but it has never fallen this far before.  A little less than a year ago I was focusing on branding myself as a natural lifestyle blogger.  Now, I'm just happy to get in a few nonfiction words.

I guess my point is (since my ramble has gotten too rambley, even for me) is that I'm going to try.  I'm going to write about something, even if it's writing or about the way Anthony pronounces new words or a new use for coconut oil.  One a week, I'm going to work for that.  One a week, and I'll feel like I'm keeping promises, barely.

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  1. I'm in the same boat as you!! Last year I imagined myself to be a natural lifestyle blogger, and had a ton of ideas for great posts. That never happened, haha. I found it was way too stressful to try to come up with posts that proved how natural I am (which now sounds hilarious as I'm typing it!!). So lately I've just been posting when I can, recounting my life. And I'm much happier with my blog. ( :