Tip Tap {A Love Letter}

I love the way you laugh.  I bubbles up out of you like an unwatched pot, sometimes too much for your little body to expel and comes out more of a gurgle.  You're easy to entertain, that way.  You laugh at almost anything.  A sneeze, a raspberry, a scolding.  Life is a game to you and you're playing for joy.

Flipping through pictures I see you a year ago.  You were just learning how to sit up and thinking of crawling.  Your legs were still lined and rounded with the soft brown baby fat and your stomach came in rolls.  You've leaned since you started moving, gotten thin.  Sometimes I put a extra butter on your bread to try and fill in the lines of your ribs, but you don't seem to notice them or the bread and you just keep running.

It amazes me the things you are learning.  You say "car" and "knucks" and "goat" and you try and say a whole lot more.  You rarely stop talking.  I think you get that from your father but he'd say that that's debatable, since I'm the one with the words.

You're sleeping now, all arms and legs.  When did you get so long?  You'll be taller than your father, that's for sure and maybe taller than your grandfathers, if you keep going at this rate.  I'd ask you to slow down but everything you do new is perfect to me, and I wait, restless for you to learn a new word or pick up a new bad habit, like pinching so we'll say the hilarious word "ow" or making finger guns and shooting at strangers.  I suppose life on a ranch has taught you a few things that the general order will frown upon.

You cough in the other room it and it reminds me that you're sleeping and I'm not which is a rookie mistake.  I would think that with how fast you move and how often that you'd sleep from 8 pm til noon but you're up with the sun and down after it and barely one nap in between.  It's like you hate missing any second of the day and any opportunity to be stunning as you are.

I love you, little man.  More than there are stars in the sky and grains of salt in the sea.  I love you to the moon and back and all sorts of cliches.  I'd trade secrets with an enemy and paint the whole world red if it meant giving you a happy, healthy life but instead I'll tip tap away at my keyboard trying to create something worthy of the way I feel about you.

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  1. So sweet! They grow up way too fast. *tear*