Broken #fiveminutefriday

I have hypothyroidism.  There is nothing that makes you feel more broken than a part of your body that just doesn't work.  Treating it is frustrating and exhausting.  I can trace the symptoms back to my childhood, those ten pounds that clung to my hips, that four pm crash that sucked away bits of my soul until I felt like I had nothing, nothing at all.

Now I take my pills and it's better, but not good.  I struggle with the thought of going onto the synthetic hormones, away from my safe ovine and bovine hormones, the ones I can trust.  But my body still aches, my mind can't pick up the pieces it needs to be whole.

I'm tired of being broken.  I'm tired of feeling incomplete.  I know there are worse things to have, I know there are worse ways to be broken, but this is my cross  and its the one I need to learn to bear.  I am more than just an insufficient thyroid.  I am more than my neck, I am more than my spine.  I am Megan, I am a whole person.  I will not stay broken.  I will overcome this.

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