one thousand words {day six}

photo courtesy of unsplash

He lined the raspberries against the wooden fence, counting them, one by one.  He ran his hand along the wood, popping them into his mouth.  They were sweet and still warm from the summer sun which no hung low in the sky turning the empty field from green to gold. He could barely remember what it was like to live in the city, despite the pictures on the wall and the soft sighs from his mother.

"I hate it here," she would whispered into the phone.  "I want to go back."

At night sometimes she would yell at Dad and then shut herself in the bathroom and cry.  She didn't know he was awake and staring at the moon and wishing they would love each other again.  His dad seemed sad now, and they didn't kiss anymore when he came home from work.  He wondered if they'd get a Divorce like Tommy's parents did and he'd have to live in two different houses.  He didn't want to have to carry his his favorite toys and red rain boots from house to house.  He liked this one.  He liked that it smelled like cut grass and clean air.  He liked that he could run outside.  He liked that he didn't have to wear his helmet because the roads were all dirt.

He wasn't sure about his new school and he was sad Tommy wouldn't be there.  Mom had marked the calendar with a green star on Tuesday for the first day and he was scared but he wouldn't say so.  He didn't know if the other kids would like him or if they'd already have enough friends. The teacher might ignore him when he raised his hand or make him read out loud from the book which he hated, he hated so much.  He swallowed all his thoughts down and made his way back to the bramble bush.

The path was thin and worn but he liked to lose himself in the trees.  The raspberry leaves carpeted the copse and he plucked the red fruits and dropped them into the basket he made out of his shirt.  He capped his fingers with them, sucking the raspberries into his mouth one finger at a time.

"Alexander!" his mother called.  He crouched behind the bush.  He didn't want to see her eyes puffy from tears.  He didn't want her to see him red and sticky and with no appetite for dinner.  Her nightgown rustled with the breeze as she followed the wood fence to the canopy of trees.  He held his breath as she leaned down and picked a single raspberry from his index finger and slid it into her mouth with a smile.

"Daddy's home for dinner," she said.

He scrunched his face into a frown.  "Why don't you love Daddy anymore?"

"Oh baby."  She swept him in her arms.  "I love Daddy very much."

"Then why do you get so mad at him?"

She chewed her lip.  "Sometimes when you're married you don't always agree on everything.  Sometimes it's messy, but we still love each other, and we love you."

"So you're not getting a Divorce?"

"No, baby.  Everything is going to be okay."

He wrapped his arms around her neck.  "I love you, Mommy."

"I love you too, bug."


  1. Delicious and sweet.

  2. Not how expected it to end :) Kept waiting for the twist, but sometimes we need these happy moments, right? Love you friend!

  3. You are all about the sweet and happy lately! And I'm all darkness and death and blood. Ah, that one made me tear up a little bit.