one thousand words {day twenty-four}

Alright guys, let's do something a little silly today to combat the sadness of yesterday.  I am so excited to read your stories about this!

Taylor was so sick of Matt's stupid hair.  

"It's for Halloween," he said, brushing it back behind his ears.  It was so long it was curling at the ends.

"Well until Halloween can we pretend like you're not my boyfriend?  I've bragged about how hot you are to anyone who would listen, and with that hair you're just going to make me look like an idiot."

He wrapped his arms around her and buried his face into her heck. "Aw, babe."

She broke his hold and turned to face him, jabbing her finger into his chest.  "I have an image to keep up.  And I love you, but people have certain expectations of me.  If I don't fulfill them, I don't exist."

"Isn't it enough that I'm you're cool college boyfriend?"

"No.  You have to look the part, too."

Taylor didn't like to think of herself as shallow.  No, she was just a perfectionist.  It was reflected in her grades and in her clothes and in the people she surrounded herself.  She had been accepted-early of course- to NYU and had landed herself a sweet scholarship.  She needed Matt to fall into line or she might have to do something about it.  

"You have until Halloween," she said.  "On November first you better look like my boyfriend again."  

He grinned and kissed her on the cheek.  

When she met him at the big party at the Washburn's house she had nothing to say to him.

"You don't even look good," she said, brushing glitter off of her cheek.

"That's just like, your opinion man."  His hair looked greasy and he was wearing a bathrobe and calling himself the Dude.  

This party would be a lot more fun if I was single, she thought.  But she decided to wait until tomorrow and see if Matt could redeem himself.

Naturally, Taylor had dressed up as a fox.  She could maximize her long legs and toned arms and had painted on an adorable nose.  Really, it was just her hottest red dress and pinned on ears and a tail.  She looked amazing, not that anyone was surprised by that.  She girls wanted to be her and the boys wanted to be with her.  It was all she could do to keep them from fawning over her.  

Matt was drinking milk and vodka and whatever with his friends and she was bored.  


She turned quickly.  It was Evan, that bastard.  He looked amazing of course, he always looked amazing.  He handed her a pink drink and she smiled.  He had some sort of power over her, the way an ex-boyfriend never should.

"Evan," she said stiffly.

"You look amazing."

"Your point?"

"Can't I just admire you without being interrogated?"

"You lost that privilege when you hooked up with Darlene."

"Ah yes, life's little indiscretions."

She wanted to slap him.  

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