one thousand words {day twenty-two}

courtesy of unsplash
The band was loud and the air was thick with heat and beer.  Lena pressed against Mason's shoulder as the whole room pulsed.  He was sweating through his shirt but she didn't mind.  She liked the way he smelled and ached for him to put his arms around her, to sway to the muddled words and rib cage shaking bass.  He had asked her to come and for a moment she allowed herself to pretend it was a date, that he was here for her instead of the rasping voices and grind.

"Isn't this great," he shouted into her ear.  "This song's from their first album. They haven't played it at a show in years."

She nodded and smiled and tried to still the butterflies batting around inside her.  He was perfect in this light, his chocolate brown hair damp with sweat and curling, his hazel eyes glowing in the dim light as he sang along.  He knew every word.

She could remember the first time she saw him was in astronomy.  It was too early to be learning about the stars and there he was with shining eyes and a smile that could stop a train.  He sat down in front of her.

"I'm Mason," he whispered as the professor started in on the solar system and cosmos.

"Elena- Lena," she said trying not to stutter over her words.

"I'm a freshmen.  This was the only science class I could get."

"M-me too."

"Hard to study the stars during the day time."

Lena laughed.  "This early it might still be night."

Mason threw back his head and laughed, loud and long.  The entire room fell silent, the professor glaring.  They went for coffee after that, then lunch, and before they knew it they were inseparable.  He was her first friend and the first guy she could honestly say that she loved.  And now she was here with him.  Desperate to be more.

In her mind he was pulling her in, one arm against her waist the other cupping her chin, staring into her eyes as if he was seeing her for the first time.  Mixing his breath with hers and then at the perfect moment- the kiss.  In a thousand years she knew she'd never stop feeling tingles all the way to her toes, that she'd always want to be here in his arms.  This was love, pure and true.  Two hearts beating for one purpose. to be with each other.

Instead, she'd settle for late night pizza and sweaty concerts, for shared chocolate shakes and horror movies. Instead, sh'ed be the friend for as long as she could, before her heart burst and all of this faded away.

WORDS.  I'm trying to write convincing kiss scenes.  I've never done it before, but I realize there's a romance element in my novel and I just don't know how to write that.  Hopefully it worked!


  1. It's lovely. Well done!

  2. I LOVED THIS. Your scene was well written, the dialogue was real and I could hear it and your kissing scene (I like to think I know a little bit about writing them at least) was believable and not textbook.

    Great job, this was one of my favorites of your 1000 words. :)