Twelve years ago I took a spiral, Hedwig notebook and I started to write.  The title of the first chapter was "All that begins must end" and it told the story of a girl who crossed over into a magical world and into a journey of self discovery, complete with friendship, magic, and love.  The handwritten version of that novel was 251 pages and split between two notebooks.   I always meant to type it up and revise it, and although I started, the loss of my home in 2007 change things.  It tore away my creative drive and reduced that story to ash, not even the twisting metal remaining.

But the story has stayed in my head and in my heart.  I have not forgotten the girl and the journey she made.  In 2011, I started to write it all over again for my creative writing class.  I got the first four thousand words down, but floundered in the next parts.  I tried NaNoWriMo that year, and barely wrote 500 words.  I tried it again in 2012, and while I ended with a little over 30,000 additional words, they were all wrong.  It was 30k in learning how I didn't want my characters to be.  Frustrated, I put the book on the shelf, deciding that i wasn't ready to finish it.  

Fast forward to summer 2013, when I submitted my first chapter along with several short stories as my creative sample for grad school.  And got in.  The director had a lot to say about my noveling, and that and Twitter encouraged me to forge ahead and finish.  You can't edit what you haven't written.

So here I am, looking at the file of a finished novel, the novel that I've been working on for half of my life.  It's messy and full of holes and I'm pretty sure my grammar needs a punch in the face, but it's done.  That's what editing is for.   And I'm looking at this, the month not even over yet:

And feeling like this:

And this:

And this:

So if you're feeling discouraged, take out your writing utensils.

And just dive in.

It's not about winning (though winning is nice.)  Your story is worth telling, so tell it.  Ten years or ten days, words are words.  And you're going to feel like a million bucks when it's done.

highest of fives

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  1. FIRST...YAY! So excited for you, proud OF you Megan. You have the words, it's time the world read them.

    then you made it better with the SCRUBS video....PERFECT.

    HI-Five my friend, Hi-Five xo