Thankful Thursday: Toddlers

He didn't sleep well last night.  Between the night terrors about falling cows and the full moon, I think I can count the collective sleep we attained in minutes.  And still he was up before the sun this morning, ready to play and go for a walk to the gate.  So we did. We walked the half a mile barefoot against the hard packed dirt road.  I daydreamed about cups filled with hot coffee while he sang and turned sticks into swords. When we finally made it home, he peeled a tangerine on the front steps.  When he was finished, he curled up beside me.


"Yes baby?"



And that was enough.  That was all I needed to be reminded of how grateful I am for this little boy.  I don't believe I perceived a hole in my life in the years without him.  I don't think I noticed the absence at the time.  But now I can't imagine how I ever survived.  Now? I'm more thankful than I ever thought I could be.

Linking up with the incredible Megan Whitmer and reminding myself of all the wonderful things in my life.  Especially the ones that come in small packages.

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  1. Oh I LOVE this post so much. And yes, I love little reminders like this.

  2. Oh yes, those little hi's, especially when we're most exhausted. He's precious. Such a lovely post.