Thankful Thursday: Pancakes

Do you ever have those days where nothing seems to go right? The load of laundry that just won't dry, the bandaid thatwon't stick, the doctor's appointment thwarted by someone going into labor, the toddler who won't nap... It was one of those days. I've gotten no novel words written, and as I write this, my toddler is dumping toys onto an already cluttered floor. But do you know what I'm grateful for? Pancakes.

Yeah, you heard me.

I don't even like pancakes, not really. The whole gluten free thing turned me off from them, and besides that they get soggy and sticky and they're just not my favorite breakfast food. But today Anthony and I went to get some, after our doctor's appointment where we didn't see the doctor (though I appreciate that he prioritizes laboring patients) and before I found out that my peds office meant the 13th of NEXT month when they booked our appointment (I was wondering how I managed to skip over that pesky wait time).

I shared a dutch baby with this guy:

And discovered that asking for whipped cream is a sure fire way to stop my toddler from eating anything other than whipped cream (or strategically hid pancakes in whipped cream). It was an awesome breakfast for lunch, only missing the real pancake aficionado in the family, who unfortunately couldn't drive forty minutes each way for pancakes (I promised I'd make it up to him).

The moral of the story is: when life's got you down, there's always something that can perk you back up. Today, my perk was pancakes.

What was yours?

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