I am so proud to announce that I have joined Earth's Mightiest Heroes, the YAvengers! I'm ready to do whatever it takes to break into the world of publishing as:


Agent Natasha Romanoff. Codename Black Widow. I play with the big boys. What I lack in super powers, I make up for in skill. I specialize in espionage, secrets, and unhappy endings. (They might be connected somehow.)

In between missions, I daylight as Megan Eccles, mother of two and MFA candidate in Fiction. She writes YA speculative fiction, wears babies, and drinks gallons of tea. Follow her blogTwitterFacebook, or Tumblr.

I am honored to be part of the team, saving the world one word at a time. We'll be handling questions, interviews, and various hurdles in the world of writing and publishing. Be prepared for some kick ass awesome. 

Check out the other new members:

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