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Reviews & Stories

"Coffins," GXRL Pod

"Seafoam," Kelp Journal

"Desquamation," The Coachella Review

"Where it Grows," Kelp Journal

"The Good, the Bad, and the Holy: Authentic Catholicism in Midnight Mass," The Line Up

"Voice to Books: Horror Screams our Truth," The Coachella Review

"Night Shadows," Ladies of The Fright

"Five times Judy Blume was the big sister we didn't know we needed," Dwarf+Giant

"Review:Bad Seed by William March," Dwarf+Giant

"Review:The Girl Next Door by Jack Ketchum," Dwarf+Giant

"Ricochet," Write on Edge

"Mercy," Opening Line, now defunct

"100 Ways to Stop Breathing," Opening Line, now defunct

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